A winter coat is a clothing that will keep you protected from rain, cold and snow during a winter season. A winter coat should be the most important where you can have in your wardrobe during the season. It’s the best clothing that can keep you insulated from harsh conditions of winter. A good winter coat should keep you dry and warm and have a waterproof shell. Besides offering protection from winter conditions, they should also be comfortable and livable. The best materials for making winter coats are natural fibers like linen, wool, cotton, and hemp. To get the best coat for winter, one should consider many factors which include weight, comfort, color, lifestyle and even price.

What are the best coat for winter?

Helly Hansen Sports Coat
This coat is the best to during snow. It has closely fitted vent holes to prevent condensation of ice on top of the coat guards. It also has mesh linings, armpit zippers and a hood to cover the face effectively.

Helly Hansen Dress Coat
This type of coat is synthetically made. It has three layers of insulation to keep heat from escaping during cold condition. It also has a fur-filled hood to keep the face and head protected from cold.

Patagonia Topley coat
This coat is mostly worn by men. It stylish and offers constant warmth for the body. It has a two-way outer shell that is polythene in nature thus making it waterproof. It’s excellently insulated and has a zipper that keeps moving wind at bay.

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Burlington Coat Factory Winter Coat
This type of coat has a scarf and a funnel collar that protects the neck. It has bright cuff buttons which can be opened and closed.

The Columbian out dry hooded coat
This is the best coat for ice hiking and winter camping. It has a decent pillow for sleeping. It keeps you warm and totally dry and completely waterproof.

In conclusion, there are many winter coats available but the above mentioned are among the best, you can never go wrong if you purchase one. All the coats are waterproof, warm and comfortable to wear. They can offer the maximum protection expected during the winter season.

Written by: Kevokeh

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